A Fresh Approach to River Cruising

Craft your adventure exactly the way you choose. U by Uniworld not merely a river cruise. It’s a full on, activity packed, culturally immersive, social and active travel experience.

Think you know river cruising? Think again! This river cruising for the next generation. With U by Uniworld, you dont just see Europe, you experience it!

U is a fresh approach to river cruising and the best new way to do Europe. These cruises are designed for those with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventures. This isn’t your average vacation. U by Uniworld takes you to the center of Europe’s coolest cities, so you can step off the ship and into the heart of the action. Take advantage of the daily included excursions, add on an optional U Time experience, or do your own thing. You can customize your experience however you’d like.


The Two Ships

U’s two ships–The A and The B–make their home on the best rivers in Europe. They’re sleek, sophisticated, and come with all the amenities of a modern-day boutique hotel.

When your waterfront hotel is also your taxi, bar, favorite restaurant, nightclub and yoga studio, travel becomes a bit more relaxed and a lot more hassle-free.

Onboard, you can expect everything you’d find in your favorite boutique hotel. But here’s the best part. Your floating boutique hotel makes it extra-easy to visit several European destinations in a single trip while only having to unpack once.

Explore The A

Explore The B

The Cruise Destinations


Life’s too short to stay in one place, which is why our floating boutique hotels have a motor to take you to some of the most incredible share-worthy destinations in Europe, all on one trip. Or how about a foodie-inspired, nightlife-filled escapade in The Netherlands and Germany? Our U cruises check off all the boxes: cosmopolitan, rustic, modern, historic, adventurous, glamorous, laid-back, majestic, authentic, inspiring. It’s just how travel should be.

The Immersive Experiences

Step off the ship, and into some of the most amazing settings in the world.

Included Excursions

Look through each of our four itineraries to discover all of the adventures and tours that come complimentary, ranging from an evening bike ride along the Danube (or a daytime bike ride in Frankfurt with our U bikes that are available for your use), a “Midnight in Paris” evening stroll, a canal cruise in Amsterdam, vineyard hikes, castle visits, and much more.

Travel Your Way

Our complimentary transfers will take you into town whenever you like. Plan out your day down to the T or head out with no set schedule in mind and see where life takes you.

Let's Talk About U Time

Our itineraries are chock full of U Time—specially planned additional excursions, events and activities created by our destination experts with you in mind. Most days, you’ll have several U Time optionals to choose from, in between your included excursions. Some are relaxed and low key while others are for the high-energy crowd. But all are designed for you to experience the places you visit in authentic local fashion. And with the added benefits of the best prices, transportation to and from the ship and the backing of our staff to ensure your cruise is exactly the way you’d like it to be, you can’t go wrong.

Discover Uniworld

Take a quick tour of some of our ships for a glimpse of life onboard a Uniworld ship.

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