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European Christmas Markets Cruises are on the Horizon.

There’s just something about being immersed in the holiday spirit that’s good for the soul.  Okay so, why am I writing to you dear readers about November and December when the flowers are beginning their bloom and the southeast’s rich summer music and art festival season is just upon us?

Maybe it’s because we are always looking ahead to the next great getaway, and the winner for me is…a Rhine Christmas Markets river cruise, Vienna to Budapest.   It’s not just the colorful lights, the ancient villages decorated and fashionable, the scent of spiced wassail filling the air. More even than that, it is the spirit of the people, the soul of the places, and the traditional surroundings I crave around the holidays.

Time for village walks with the kids (all now legal drinking age, so keeping them on the straight path may be a challenge), for just floating along at a smooth, relaxed pace and, go figure, time to reflect on the cool times we share as a family.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to Christmases together abroad, this year may be one of the last with just the 5 – my oldest is headed out in to the real world, and who knows when he’ll show up with a “friend” in tow.

Christmas Markets are calling us. What’s the next great getaway calling you?

Go ahead and climb aboard.

Ed Phillips

Vice President of Leisure & Events

ADTRAV Travel Management

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