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A spring river cruise will open your eyes to the blooming tulip fields that sparked a legendary craze, and picturesque windmill-dotted valleys, bookended with the cosmopolitan flair of Antwerp & Amsterdam.

The Netherlands neighborhood of Zaanse Schans is well-known for its historic and well-preserved windmills.

Tulips Bloom

& Charming Windmills Turn

Sail through the inland waterways of the Low Countries, Holland and Belgium. Begin with an overnight stay in Antwerp, Europe’s diamond capital, then cruise through canals and rivers, stopping in key cities to soak up Dutch, German, and Flemish culture. Witness feats of Dutch engineering, the famed windmills of Kinderdijk, and cosmopolitan Rotterdam before ending in vibrant Amsterdam. Choose to visit in the spring, and you’ll find the tulips of Keukenhof Gardens in bright bloom. 

Located at the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace, Strasbourg is immersed in Franco-German culture. Its port is the largest on the Rhine after Duisberg in Germany, and the fourth-largest river port in France.

Daily Itinerary

This day-to-day schedule is subject to change. Your final day-to-day schedule will be provided onboard on the first day of your cruise.
Day 1 - Antwerp


Located in the northern part of Belgium, Antwerp has a long history as a bustling trade hub and is the world’s diamond capital. Here, diamond polishing became an art form, and the term “Antwerp cut” became synonymous with quality. Visit the Diamond District, with more than 1,800 diamond dealers. 

Day 2 - Maastricht


Cosmopolitan Maastricht, most famous as the birthplace of the European Union, is also known for its vibrant cultural scene and medieval-era architecture. Not-to-miss  highlights include the Romanesque Basilica of St. Servatius, which houses a significant collection of religious art, the Gothic church Sint Janskerk, and the futuristic-looking Bonnefanten art museum. 


Day 3 - Nijmegen


Nijmegen boasts a history as the oldest city in the Netherlands. Most famous for the International Four Days Marches, a march and memorial event that takes place in July. Famous people from Nijmegen include Saint Petrus Canisius and Eddie Van Halen.

Day 4 - Wesel


Completely destroyed during World War II, Wesel fell under a barrage of heavy bombing by the Allied forces in 1945. During a tour, learn about the city’s recovery. Visit Xanten Archaeological Park, one of the largest open-air museums in the world, or head to Essen and the UNESCO-listed Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, one of Europe’s most important industrial heritage sites. 

Day 5 - Dordrecht


Dordrecht is a city in the Dutch province of South Holland. The area is mainly famous for the Synod of Dordrecht, an important religious institute of a few centuries back. The Brothers De Witt, both men of state in the time of William of Orange, and 17th century painter Ary Scheffer, were all residentws of Dordrecht.

Day 6 - Rotterdam

Rotterdam, a large and modern port city southwest of Amsterdam, rose from teh ashes of World War II. In 1940, the Nazis threatened to flatten the city unless it surrendered. Rotterdam capitulated, but the Luftwaffe bombed anyway.

Today, Rotterdam’s most notable tourist attraction is the 605 ft Euromast Space Tower. Take the revolving, sit-down elevator to the top. From the tower, you’ll have a good view of Erasmus Bridge, a modern suspension bridge nicknamed “the swan.”

Day 7 - Kinderdijk


Kinderdijk is a Dutch village known for its 19 windmills that date from the 18th century. The town was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 and offers a window into the Netherlands’ unique history. 

Day 8 - Hoorn


Hoorn was mightily enriched because its harbor was a key hub for the Dutch East India Co. The company’s men circled the globe, and one, a Hoorn native, named the tip of South America for his hometown; we know it as Cape Horn. 

Visitors can stroll around Hoorn’s quaint harbor and along canals for a good look at red brick, gabled row houses, some dating to the late 16th century. 

Day 9 - Amsterdam


Tell anyone you’re going to Amsterdam, and there’s a fair chance they’ll either sigh with envy or give you a sly nod. Amsterdam’s reputation for tolerance laced with vice precedes it, but equally renowned are its scenic and cultural attractions. 

Amsterdam hotels are known for their cleanliness and hospitality, its restaurant offer world cuisine, and along the city streets is a shopper’s paradise. Amsterdam has a much smaller population than most European capitals, and much of the city center can be explored on foot. Most visitors fall in love with the city and return again and again. 

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