Traveling through Europe is one of the great adventures life has to offer. With one of the highest concentrations of countries and cultures anywhere in the world, a week on this continent can offer an array of life-changing experiences. From the Alps across Bavaria, to the riverfront in Paris, to the history and architecture of  Prague, this region truly has something for everyone. With so much to experience however, maximizing your time and itinerary can be a challenge. Jumping from country to country via rail can be fun at first, but its not exactly the most convenient. And let’s be honest, constantly checking in and out of hotels can put a huge dent in your momentum. With that in mind, were going to take a look at 5 reasons you should consider a River cruise for your next trip to Europe.

1. It Provides an Incredibly Immersive Experience

Today’s river cruises are designed to provide the most authentic cultural experiences. It enables you to explore a region the way it was before the days of trains, highways, and mass transportation. River cruising excursions now include many active and culturally exciting options, like hiking and biking, plus fully interactive experiences such as cooking classes with local delicacies and shopping with acclaimed chefs. And if a guided tour isn’t your thing, plenty of time is allotted for those who want to strike out on their own and step off the beaten path. For an added bit of convenience to jump start your authentic experience, river cruises dock right in the hub of a city, making it super easy to hop off the ship and into the day’s adventures.

2. You Get to See the World from a Truly Unique Perspective

Have you ever noticed that many of the world’s major metropolitan and historically important cities are on a river? In case you’ve forgotten your history lessons, it’s because rivers were long essential for the trade and transport of goods and also in providing water and food. A river cruise lets you explore from a vantage point not possible on a land-based trip. On a river cruise, you’re flowing through the heart of a country and seeing its beauty from, quite literally, an inside perspective. Daytime river cruising also enables passengers to take in gorgeous landscapes along the way, which is especially cool when traveling through the many scenic stretches of your journey. 

3. The Value Can’t Be Beat for Multi-Country Travel

Cost is often the number one determiner in planning a vacation, so we’ve got great news—river cruising provides more value and is more cost effective than visiting one city on a single journey. All sightseeing and onboard meals are included, and many river cruise packages even include tips! Other typical complimentary mainstays of river cruises are wifi, airport transfers, and wine and beer with dinner (a locally inspired dinner with regional ingredients, no less).

4. The Service Will Have You Feeling Like Royalty

While most of your time will be spent experiencing the local flavor off ship, you can expect the utmost attention to detail and personalized service when you are on board. With a low staff-to-passenger ratio (river cruises typically accommodate no more than 200 passengers), service onboard a river cruise is impeccable. From the captain and concierge and housekeeping to waitstaff, each member of the ship’s staff will provide exceptional, highly personalized service that’ll leave you asking, “Where’s my crown?”

5. You Get to Sleep in the Same Bed Every Night

Set up shop in your “home away from home” and then enjoy your vacation without lugging around a suitcase and checking in and out of hotels. That’s one of the most alluring parts of a cruise, and the level of comfort and convenience provided on a river cruise is simply unmatched (and nothing like its sea-cruising cousin). River-ship staterooms leave nothing to be desired, and cruise lines have invested heavily in the modern amenities travelers want. Beautiful balconies, mixologist-staffed bars, heated bathroom floors, Egyptian-cotton sheets, and big-screen TVs (as if you’ll be watching) are the norm on river ships days…you’ll wish your actual home was this lavishly appointed.

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